Verification of Training

Verification inquiries

GME: University of Minnesota Graduate Medical Education verifications

Requests to verify a GME resident's or fellow's training at the University of Minnesota are processed by the individual program where the resident/fellow completed that training. Consult the Verification Contact List for contact information for all University of Minnesota GME programs (includes ACGME accredited, non-ACGME accredited, and programs accredited by other governing bodies).  Please contact programs directly with your verification inquiries; the GME Administration office does not complete verification of training forms.

To verify professional liability insurance information for a former UMN resident or fellow, find instructions on the Medical Malpractice Credentialing / Insurance Verification site.

UMMS: University of Minnesota Medical School graduate verifications

To verify medical school diploma information for a UMMS graduate, please see the Medical Education Alumni Resources webpage.

University of Minnesota Dental School graduate verification

To verify the dental school diploma information for a University of Minnesota graduate, please see the School of Dentistry Degree and Verification webpage.


GME Program responsibility

In accordance with the Verification of Training and Summary for Credentialing Policy, the University of Minnesota GME programs must complete the Standard Verification of Training Form for each trainee upon completion of their time in the program. Please refer to the Standard Verification of Training Form GUIDE as you complete the form.  Each time you provide a completed verification form to a requesting hospital or credentialing agency, complete the Verification of Training Cover Letter to accompany the form.

If a program does not have access to old resident/fellow files you may try the following resources:

  • Office of Human Resources, Personnel Files and Records: 612-626-8117
  • Office of the Registrar/OneStop: 612-624-1111
  • Files Archive Office: 612-626-8153
  • St. Paul Files Archive Office: 612-626-4432