Teaching & Evaluation Resources

Each residency and fellowship program has a mission to produce highly competent physicians to meet the health and health care needs of the public.  

Programs must create and deliver curriculum that prepares their trainees for unsupervised practice, and must evaluate their trainees regularly to ensure appropriate progress.

Competency teaching resources

These modules and resources can be used to teach core competency topics, including professionalism.

Curriculum resources

Find tools, samples, and resources to assist you with curricular revision and development.

Computer lab resources

Find information about classroom and computer lab space for testing and training.

Resident and fellow performance assessment

Accurate, meaningful assessment is a key component of your training program.

Find definitions, suggestions, and examples of various types of assessment. 

Patient handoffs

Effective, structured handoffs are a vital part of continuity of care and patient safety.

Find resources to aid with instruction in and assessment of trainee abilities in transitions in care.