Stipends & Benefits

This page provides access to information on stipends such as current and historical rates, pay dates, and analyses done to make annual increase recommendations; and information on resident/fellow benefits.

Resident & Fellow Stipends

Base stipend rates

Stipend steps by program level

Standard stipend steps

Each GME program has assigned a standard stipend step to each program level (see above: Stipend steps by program level).  Each resident's/fellow's stipend level is driven by their level in the program, rather than by their past individual experiences.  Standard stipend steps were instituted beginning in AY 2018-19 to create clarity for trainees, faculty, and staff; ensure consistency within and across our GME programs; support a predictable budgeting environment for our non-accredited programs; and eliminate extra work and delay.  As we move toward a world of competency-based medical education, this approach further supports the program director’s discretion to determine each trainee’s level in the program without requiring additional agreement paperwork or salary determination.

Pay dates

Trainees are paid an annual stipend, which they receive via biweekly paychecks. Trainees are encouraged to use the direct deposit system, as paychecks have the potential of being lost or delayed in the mail. Paychecks are mailed or credited to bank accounts of those using the direct-deposit system on these payroll dates.

Stipend history

View stipend history by level from 1993 to present.

PeopleSoft rates

View PeopleSoft rates
(See tabs at bottom of spreadsheet for job code)

Fringe rates / hospital invoice rates

View hospital invoice rates

Programs are periodically asked to provide resident/fellow fringe rate information (e.g. to complete a grant application).  Unlike the fringe rates managed by UMN, which are a percentage based on employment classification (e.g. academic, non-academic, graduate with UPlan health, etc.), the fringe cost for residents/fellows is a fixed dollar amount calculated annually by the UMN-GME office.  This amount is included in the billing rates invoiced to affiliate hospitals (see "View hospital invoice rates" above).



Resident & Fellow Benefits

Resident/fellow benefits are managed through the Office of Student Health Benefits.  View the OSHB Resident/Fellow Benefits site for comprehensive information about the resident/fellow benefit package, including medical, dental, disability, and life insurance.