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Heather Woeste

This page provides important information on PeopleSoft and Graduate Medical Education (GME).

GME PeopleSoft User's Manual


The University of Minnesota tracks all residents and fellows training under Student Records in the PeopleSoft database.

GME Administration will admit residents and fellows into the correct programs when they begin their training.  All residents and fellows must be enrolled for class every Spring, Summer, and Fall semester by the departments according to the schedule established by the University of Minnesota Medical School.  See "Important dates and information" below.

Student Records Training Support at or 612-625-2803 can provide group and individual training sessions and technical support for admissions and registration. 

Access Request Form (ARF)

The University requires training be completed before authorization is granted to department staff to work with student records in PeopleSoft.

Follow instructions below to complete necessary paperwork and courses in order to gain access to PeopleSoft.

1. Download, complete, and save a copy of the CS PeopleSoft 9.0 Request Form

  • Duties you need to check off:
    • SR Data Inquiry
    • SR Data Update
    • Registration
    • Program/Plan Process
    • Block Enrollment
  • The last part of the form requests you to list the name and Internet ID of someone in your department with the same type of PeopleSoft access that you need. Please refer to UMN GME PeopleSoft Contacts and list another user in your department from this list.
  • Save a copy of this completed form.

2. Navigate to the Access Request Online Form

  • Sign in with your x.500/password
  • For the "Statement of Business Need" state: "Enrolling Graduate Medical Education Residents and Fellows into courses each term"
  • For "Approving Supervisor" - list Christy Illig
  • Attach the PDF request form you completed in step 1 above
  • Submit by clicking "Order Now" in the upper right hand corner. 

3. Complete PeopleSoft Courses:

Log in to ULearn.

  • Online Courses: (Complete directly via ULearn)
    • SR110T Student Data Inquiry
    • SR210T SDU - Student Data Update Basic
  • In-Person Courses: (Sign up for these on ULearn AFTER completing the above two online courses) 
    • SR220C Program/Plan Process
    • SR310C Registration
    • SR235T SDU - Enrollment Appointments
  • Hands On Training:
    • Block Enrollment (wait until you have residents/fellows to enroll in courses; and contact to set up access and an in-person training session) 

You will be notified when your access has been granted and you may use PeopleSoft. 

Course enrollments

See PeopleSoft Term Information and Dates for enrolling residents/fellows into courses.

PeopleSoft program enrollment representatives must complete course registrations for residents/fellows PRIOR to the first day of the term.

Struggling with process steps related to managing your class registration in PeopleSoft? For general assistance/guidance, contact one of the GME PeopleSoft Contacts who works within your administrative center.

Important reminders

Enrollment of University of Minnesota Medical School Graduates

It is important to remember: Do not enroll University of Minnesota Medical School graduates in their program courses until they have been conferred out of Medical School by the Medical School’s Registrar. GME Administration will send out an announcement as soon as they have all been conferred (estimated to occur in late May/early June). Remember to backdate your enrollment to avoid a late registration fee.
The reasons for this are twofold: 1) Because of the way the PeopleSoft system operates, the Registrar will be unable to confer them from Medical School if they are enrolled in residency program courses; and 2) enrolling them in program courses before they are conferred out of Medical School will generate Medical School tuition invoices.

If the Registrar is unable to confer Medical School graduates in PeopleSoft due to early residency course enrollment, the program will be required to un-enroll them from their program courses and then re-enroll them again once they’ve been conferred. Don’t create extra work for yourself – Please wait until GME Administration has notified you that you can begin enrolling the U of MN Medical School graduates into their program courses.

Course enrollment of graduating residents and fellows

It is important to remember: Do NOT enroll graduating residents/fellows in program courses if the semester end-date falls after their graduation date (for example, if a trainee is graduating from their residency or fellowship program before August 31, do not register them for Summer Term. The Office of the Registrar will be unable to confer them from their residency/fellowship training program if they are enrolled in program courses that extend beyond their graduation date. The program will be required to un-enroll them from that semester’s courses so that conferring can be completed.

Clearance/conferring of graduating residents/fellows

  • MMCGME enters data submitted by the program from completed Graduation/Transition Forms.
  • GME will work with MMCGME to pull reports from RMS required to confer R/F. GME provides conferring data to the Office of the Registrar for all programs.
  • Please do not submit the "clearance template" spreadsheet to the Office of the Registrar.

GME PeopleSoft Contacts (housed in Google Drive; most recent revision date indicated on spreadsheet): View who manages PS for each department/program.

Determining Term Codes for PeopleSoft Registration and Enrollment: View more about determining codes for PeopleSoft Registration and Enrollment.