Onboarding & Advancing

This webpage provides resident/fellow onboarding and advancement information, instructions, and resources for UMN GME programs.

Onboarding process

Onboarding residents/fellows is a joint effort between programs, the GME office, external stakeholders, and the residents/fellows themselves.  This site outlines key requirements and processes related to onboarding residents/fellows who are new to UMN and who are changing from one UMN program to another.

1. Data Exchange

Residents/Fellows then programs enter information into the Data Exchange.

2. Resident/fellow records creation

The GME office and MMCGME use information from the Data Exchange, ERAS, and other sources to create resident/fellow records.

3. GME initial email to residents/fellows

The GME office sends an email to all new residents/fellows providing them information about their UMN identifiers, email address, and RMS log-in information, and prompting them to begin to work on their GME onboarding checklist.

4. Onboarding requirements

Residents/fellows must complete a number of requirements before they can begin training in their programs.  Review requirements that the GME office issues/manages, and the requirements that programs issue/manage here.  GME issues all central requirements via RMS checklist.  Programs may build program-specific RMS checklists for their requirements; contact rmshelp@umn.edu for more information.  See link above for complete list; key requirements include:

  1. Employment agreements (GME manages)
  2. Permits / licenses (program responsibility; GME assists with permit upload to RMS)
  3. Benefits (GME manages with OSHB)
  4. Immunizations (GME manages with Boynton Health Services)
  5. Background studies (GME manages)
  6. PECOS enrollment (program responsibility)
  7. Life support certification (program responsibility)
  8. Fit testing (GME and program assist)
  9. J-1 visa holders only: J-1 visa application process (GME manages with program assistance)

5. In-person GME orientation

All residents/fellows starting in a UMN program are required to attend a central GME Orientation session.

6. Affiliate site onboarding

As residents/fellows rotate to affiliated clinic sites, they may need to complete additional training, orientation, and other onboarding tasks.  Programs and residents/fellows work directly with affiliated sites on these requirements.


Understanding residents/fellows at UMN

New program coordinators are encouraged to review the Program Coordinator Online Orientation for a better overall understanding of GME at UMN.

Classification of UMN residents/fellows

UMN GME Residents/Fellows are classified differently as they move through training. See Cycle of a GME Resident/Fellow (New, Advancing, Changing Program, Graduating) for more information on cycles residents/fellows advance through GME at UMN.  Also included is information on what is considered “on-cycle” versus “off-cycle” training.

Some UMN residents/fellows are paid externally (not via UMN), and therefore do not always receive the same requirements/agreements as other UMN residents/fellows.  Review “standard” and “non-standard” resident/fellow descriptions below.

  • Standard GME Resident/Fellow: Paid through UMN, receives UMN resident/fellow benefits, receives all UMN GME requirements, receives UMN GME agreement
  • Non-Standard GME Resident/Fellow: May be paid through other entity (e.g. state of MN, other hospital site, military), may receive employee benefits through other employer, may or may not receive UMN GME requirements, may or may not not receive UMN GME agreement or an altered UMN GME agreement.
  • International Medical Graduates: The University of Minnesota welcomes International Medical Graduates (IMGs) to our residencies and fellowships.  Please see the information below on IMG-specific issues. See UMN GME’s IMG Information page.

Visiting residents/fellows onboarding

Residents/fellows from other external hospitals/institutions may complete a visiting rotation at UMN upon approval of the UMN GME program. See the UMN GME Visiting Resident/Fellow webpage for information, eligibility, and onboarding instructions.

Name changes

Please review the Name Changes document for instructions on completing an official name change at UMN, and/or completing an update to a UMN ID (x500)/e-mail.