Life Support Certification

Programs are responsible for reporting all life support certification(s)/information in RMS.  UMN-GME does not directly provide or organize access to life support training.  Several of our affiliated hospital sites offer life support training and certification.

Required: Report life support certification in RMS

Programs are required to upload life support certification information and documentation about each of their trainees to RMS.  Programs must upload this information regardless of where the resident/fellow received certification.

View instructions on how to add certifications in RMS


Fairview Contact

Terry Nelson
Fairview HR BLS/ACLS Coordinator

Life support certification at Fairview

Basic Life Support (BLS)

  • New to UMN residents/fellows who attend a Fairview American Heart Association BLS course are issued a BLS Provider card.  The BLS training is valid for two years.  

BLS Renewal: BLS re-certification is required every two years by Fairview. There are two options for re-certification:

  • Complete the Fairview BLS review course. Those who complete the Fairview review are issued a statement of attendance (minimum requirement at Fairview).

  • Complete the Fairview BLS review course plus the online AHA didactic training, which carries a fee of $22, plus an additional $5 to receive an AHA BLS card (vs. a statement of attendance). This is currently a charge that must be incurred by resident/fellow.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), & Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP)

UMN residents/fellows required by their programs or Fairview to maintain these advanced skills can complete a certification class. They are issued an AHA or AAP card. This training is valid for two years from the date of issue.


  • UMN residents/fellows required by their programs or Fairview to maintain these skills can schedule a renewal depending on class availability. AHA or AAP cards are issued for all ACLS/PALS/NRP renewal classes and valid for two years from the date of issue.

  • If advanced life support courses are not required residents/fellows may register if room is available. There would be a fee upon registration.


VAMC Contact

Robin Rabey
Director, Advanced Life Support Training

Life support certification at VAMC

Basic Life Support (BLS) & Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS)

  • VAMC offers manikin BLS based training free of charge to UMN residents/fellows who are scheduled to work at the VAMC within the next six months AND have an active computer/TMS account.

  • VAMC offers ACLS training free of charge for select groups of trainees who are required to have this training for administration of conscious sedation, work on code teams, or moonlighting activities.  See for more information

  • VAMC accommodates attendance of class offerings if training availability allows. VAMC recommends the online course/voice assisted manikin lead skills test vs. in-person training as it is more supportive of schedules. Two skills tests stations are available 24/7 in the VAMC library with PIV card access.

Acceptable proof of certification at VAMC

If your UMN resident/fellow is rotating to the VAMC and has already completed Life Support Certification, VAMC now accepts proof of certification via completion certificate, BLS card, etc. (In the past, only AHA cards were accepted at VAMC.)  VAMC considers the American Heart Association training the gold standard and recommends it; however, VAMC will accept the Fairview hands-on training.


Life support certification at other affiliated hospital sites

Review the UMN GME Affiliated Sites Life Support Certification Resource for information, costs, and contacts for scheduling life support certification training at other affiliated hospital sites.

American Heart Association life support certification courses

Go to the AHA’s courses site to view life support certification course options, locate training centers, and review course content.