Leave of Absence

This page provides information and required forms to utilize for Graduate Medical Education (GME) trainee leave of absence (LOA) processes.


While assisting trainees through the leave process, programs should engage with their HR/Payroll offices, the Office of Student Health Benefits (OSHB), MMCGME services, and GME. Departments must establish internal process and ensure stakeholders are informed of what they need to know, when they need to know it, and all required steps are completed in a timely manner.

All leaves are different and should be handled on a case-by-case basis. The variability of leaves allows for programs to create best practices at the local level.  The standardized leave forms found below are required when processing GME trainee leave.

Required Steps

  1. Required: INITIAL GME and OSHB Leave of Absence Form (to be completed and submitted to GME/OSHB pre leave)
  2. EMAIL form to Trainee: CC: Program Director, Education Manager (If applicable), Department HR, GME HR, OSHB
  3. Required: FINAL GME and OSHB Leave of Absence Form (to be completed and submitted to GME/OSHB post leave)
  4. Email form to Trainee: CC: Program Director, Education Manager (if applicable), Department HR, GME HR, OSHB, MMCGME (If time away extends training, see RMS step below!)
    • Please use this guide to help you fill out the GME Inital LOA form and the Final LOA form.

Additional steps if applicable:

  1. RMS - Required if applicable: Does the leave of absence from the program extend the time in the program? 
    1. PRE LEAVE: Program Coordinator temporarily puts the trainee on a block schedule in RMS "MMCGME Time Away Extends Training Rotation".
    2. POST LEAVE: After the trainee has returned, the Program Coordinator must adjust the block schedule to make sure the time away that is being reported on the form matches the extended rotation. Once the block schedule is updated send the MMCGME Time Away Extends Form to RMShelp@umn.edu.
  2. License/Permit extensions- Any trainee whose leave extends time in their program, the program coordinator and trainee must make sure that their permit/license continues to be up to date for the time of the extension. 
  3. ECFMG - Required if applicable: Is the resident/fellow on a J-1 Visa?
    1. ECFMG requires all J-1's who are taking a LOA to be on continued health insurance and to fill out the ECFMG LOA form before the leave occurs. Program Coordinators need to collect all applicable signatures, then send the ECFMG form to gme@umn.edu for the TPL to process. If the LOA extends training you must include a new department offer letter, stating the time extended to the program.


The maternity leave process map is a helpful diagram which outlines the order of operation during a maternity leave.


If you still have additional questions on how to process a LOA for a resident/fellow, please contact the Deptartment HR, Education Manager, or the GME office for assistance.