Evaluations of Students, Instructors, and Courses are done with E*Value.

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E*Value Instructions

  • An email will be sent to you each time you are assigned an evaluation within the E*Value system. Evaluations can be about your faculty (Educator evaluations), or your clerkship (Activity evaluations). Faculty will also be filling out assessments about student performance via E*Value.
  • Grades are sometimes entered into E*Value (as part of an evaluation), however these grades are not final grades. You can check your final grade entered by each rotation on your transcript, which can be viewed through the Academics tab in the MyU portal.
  • Your evaluations for all programs are always available to you through the E*Value website.
  • How to view all evaluations and comments in E*Value: A step-by-step guide.


In the past we have heard concerns from past students regarding the anonymity of your completed evaluations; however, we have many rules within the system to ensure the anonymity of your responses:

  • Evaluation data is blind to each party (activity, educator, and student) until each has completed their evaluation. For example, you must complete your evaluation of your clerkship and educator before you can have access to evaluation data submitted by your preceptor. In reverse, educators must complete their assessment of your performance before they can have access to the responses you have provided about their teaching and your clerkship experience.
  • To ensure that student evaluation data is unidentifiable, if there are less than five students in a given period, data is suppressed for individual periods until an educator receives at least five responses. They will thenl be allowed to see aggregate data, with no names or time periods identified.
  • Evaluations completed by students in the E*Value system are always kept completely anonymous, however, educator data is given to the students. Please note that if you disagree with something in your assessment, you must contact the Course and Clerkship Directors, NOT the individual whom assessed you.

To view reports in E*Value:

Click on Reports > Evaluation Reports > Performance