New Innovations RMS

New Innovations RMS is the central location for UMN programs, UMN GME Administration, and hospital sites to find resident/fellow information.

RMS is used for storing demographic information, scheduling, case-logging, evaluations, duty hours, distributing checklists, and displaying training records, and acts as a storage place for documents such as background studies, permits, licenses, previous completion certificates, etc.  The RMS record is the ultimate source of truth about a resident/fellow.  It is vital that the information in RMS is actively maintained and updated by programs so it remains accurate and up-to-date.

New record creation

For information on how resident/fellow records are created for new incoming trainees, refer to the New Innovations RMS Record section of the Onboarding & Advancing webpage.

Block schedules

It is very important that programs create and maintain accurate block schedules in RMS by the deadlines listed below. This is necessary as staff at our affiliate teaching hospitals run RMS custom reports to inform them about the UMN trainees rotating to their hospital. Staff at our partnering hospitals use the block schedule custom report data to initiate onboarding processes, some of which require significant lead time, to prepare for UMN trainees rotating to their site. For example, staff may distribute checklists to trainees to ensure trainees have the necessary information prior to their rotation start date and/or ensure trainees have access to systems such as EPIC (the electronic medical record).

Schedules may change after the listed deadlines. If so, programs must notify the appropriate contact at the affected site(s) to ensure that trainees are compliant with hospital requirements. Failure to meet certain hospital requirements may result in delayed start times.

Block rotation gaps

Programs should strive to reduce/eliminate block rotation gaps. Common reasons for rotations gaps, other than nothing entered in the schedule are:

  • Not having one rotation marked primary for the entire academic year to generate a full FTE. Rotations that are not marked primary are considered a gap. 
  • When rotations are left as unspecified it means that the field was looked at but a rotation was not selected. This means that an FTE will not calculate.

If there are barriers to eliminating the gaps in your schedule, please contact MMCGME Services ( and Carol Sundberg (

Quarterly Block Rotation Deadlines:



May 1

July 1 – September 30

August 1

October 1  December 31

November 1

January 1  March 31

February 1

April 1 – June 30


Duty hours

Duty hour logs must be kept up to date, approved, and accurate.  Residents and fellows are expected to enter and/or approve duty hours weekly (at minimum).  Billing reports are generated monthly, and any duty hours not entered and approved prior to the month end close will not be billed.  Coordinators receive monthly email reminders from MMCGME Services about these deadlines, with instructions on how to ensure RMS schedules are up to date and accurate on an ongoing basis.

RMS training

MMCGME offers regularly-scheduled training sessions, and will schedule small group and one-on-one sessions at your request.  See upcoming training sessions or request a special session here.  If you need immediate help, contact them at