For questions relating to requirements for your graduating residents/fellows:

Prior resident or fellow?  Find information for graduates on the Medical School website

Graduating/Exiting Requirements for Residents/Fellows

The GME Office issues a graduating checklist in RMS to all trainees who are graduating from or leaving their programs, based on dates in their RMS personnel records.  To review the requirements and information issued to residents/fellows by the GME Office, refer to GME vs Program Requirements/Information for Residents/Fellows.

Program Requirements for Graduating/Exiting Residents/Fellows

Verification of Training Form

In accordance with the Verification of Training and Summary for Credentialing Policy, University of Minnesota GME programs must complete the Standard Verification of Training Form for each trainee upon completion of their time in the program. Please refer to the Standard Verification of Training Form GUIDE as you complete the form.  Each time you provide a completed verification form to a requesting hospital or credentialing agency, complete the Verification of Training Cover Letter to accompany the form.

Certificate of Completion

All trainees who successfully complete all requirements of their training program must receive a certificate of completion.  The certificate must be printed on official certificate paper.  The name of the program must appear exactly as approved by the Board of Regents; refer to the "Official UMN Program Name" column in the Program Inventory for official approved program names.  For more information, refer to:

MMCGME Graduating/Transitioning Form

MMCGME collects graduating/terminating information for every trainee graduating or leaving a program.  For more information on the MMCGME Graduating/Transitioning Form, refer to the Resources & Forms page on the MMCGME website.