Program Coordinator Professional Development

This page provides information about the Mentor/Mentee Program and the Coordinator Collaborative Site

Please check back for other professional development initiatives in the future!

Mentor/mentee program

The onboarding of any employee is crucial to both their long term success and the success of the organization.  We are excited to offer a peer-led Mentor/Mentee Program to our new GME coordinators.

The program is one year in duration and is intended to complement the onboarding and training efforts of the GME, MMCGME, and the Mentee's assigned program(s).  The program teams new coordinators with experienced coordinators in a supportive and structured environment.  Activities will include setting goals, discussing how to clarify expectations, and understanding roles and responsibilities.  New coordinators will learn how to navigate the GME world and experienced coordinators will develop leadership skills.

Current mentors

Jennifer Janacek

Jennifer JanacekLead Coordinator, Department of Psychiatry

Shari Johnston

Shari Johnston
Residency Program Coordinator, Department of Diagnostic Radiology

Betsy Wehrwein

Betsy Wehrwein
Residency Program CoordinatorDepartment of Orthopaedic Surgery

Coordinator collaborative site

Coordinator collaborative site

Find out what your colleagues have shared, and contribute to the site by sharing your learnings, tips and tricks.  The quality and depth of the content depends on coordinator collaboration.

The site also includes a “meet the coordinators” tab.  We encourage you to complete the bio form to share information about your role as a coordinator and your areas of expertise.  You can also access the “completed coordinator bios” report to learn more about your colleagues and use the information to facilitate networking with each other. 

The “events” tab will advertise quarterly coordinator lunch gatherings.  Each quarterly session will include a professional development topic.  Jennifer Janacek and Betsy Wehrwein will keep this information updated.