Observers & Visiting Trainees

UMN Graduate Medical Education programs may offer educational experiences to trainees from other institutions through GME observerships or visiting rotations.

This page contains information for programs and departments about the process for accepting GME observers and visiting residents/fellows.  If you are a trainee interested in arranging a rotation, use the link below to find out more information and appropriate contacts:

Information for residents/fellows interested in securing a visit or observership



If you are interested in visiting a UMN GME program, refer to the site for visitors / observers for information.  DO NOT email the contact listed below.

UMN GME Programs

Contact for programs regarding the process for accepting visitors:

Heather Woeste

Visiting residents & fellows

Process information for programs

Before accepting a visiting resident or fellow, programs must thoroughly review the Eligibility and Selection of GME Visitors document.  This resource outlines eligibility requirements and guidelines on selection.

Once you have determined the inquiring resident or fellow is eligible and the program director has accepted them as a visitor, follow the GME Visitors Acceptance & Onboarding Process outlined in the linked document.



If you are a trainee interested in a UMN GME observership, contact the program you are interested in directly for more information.  DO NOT contact any individuals listed on this page.  They cannot help you secure an observership.

GME observers

Definition of GME observer

A GME observer is an LCME-accredited medical school graduate or international equivalent who wishes to gain medical knowledge and exposure to certain patient-care protocols through observing a residency or fellowship program for typically less than one month in duration. This includes individuals who are currently enrolled in an international residency program. 

CURRENT MEDICAL SCHOOL STUDENTS (regardless of location of medical school) are NOT eligible for GME observerships.  Please see the UME Visiting Medical Scholars Program website for more information about medical student options.  A visiting medical student is not eligible for a GME observership under any circumstances.

UMMC observer application process

The Sponsoring Department/Division/Program faculty and GME observer, with assistance from the department administrative staff, must:

  1. Complete the Fairview Health Visiting Physician/Faculty/Professional Observation Form which includes the Fairview Health Screening Form.
  2. Ensure that all fields are completed and that the writing is legible.
  3. Sign and date the form (all parties including the GME observer and sponsoring physician/faculty must sign).
  4. Fax the completed Fairview Health Visiting Physician/Faculty/Professional Observation Form which includes the Fairview Health Screening Form to the UMMC Medical Staff Office at 612-273-1946.

*At least 1 business day of prior notice is required for processing.*

Fax completed form to:
Attn: UMMC Medical Staff Office
Fax: 612-273-1946

Please direct questions to Kathy Johnson,, 612-273-9103 or Mira A Jurich, MA,, 612-273-7482, or UMMC Medical Office, 612-273-1945.

University of Minnesota Medical School Department/division/program responsibilities

Department/division/programs must:

  • Determine if your department/division/program accepts GME observers.
  • Update your website to inform GME Observer Applicants whether or not you accept GME observers.
  • Ensure that the physician/faculty member sponsors adhere to the requirements outlined in the Fairview Health Visiting Physician/Faculty/Professional Observation Form, and that they work with the department administrative staff to process the application. If your department/division/program accepts GME observers, it is beneficial to have the same physician/faculty member oversee all GME observers rotating through a department/division/program.
  • Retain a file on all GME observers that your department/division/program sponsors.

Department/division/program application screening process:

  • If your Department/Division/Program accepts GME observers, you must have an application screening process.
  • Your Department/Division/Program must assess if the applicant meets the definition of a GME observer, as stated in the definition above.  This assessment must be performed at the Department/Division/Program level prior to initiating any application paperwork.
  • If the applicant does not meet the definition of a GME observer, then the observership must not commence.
  • If the applicant meets the definition of a GME observer, then your Department/Division/Program may proceed.