Maintaining ACGME Accreditation

Program requirements

Annual requirements

Milestone evaluations reporting

All programs are required to complete periodic milestone evaluations of all residents/fellows.  The reporting window for entering milestone evaluations in ADS is open twice a year (November through early January, and late April through late June).  The evaluations must be based on data provided by the Clinical Competency Committee.

Resident/Fellow and Faculty Surveys

All programs are required to participate in the ACGME resident/fellow and faculty surveys each academic year between the months of January and June.  The surveys are a method of monitoring clinical education and providing early warning of potential non-compliance with accreditation standards.  The ACGME review committees consider results from these surveys closely when making accreditation decisions.  The GME office encourages programs to discuss the purpose and importance of these surveys with their faculty and residents/fellows, to review results carefully when they are released, and to take appropriate and timely action.

Accreditation Data System (ADS) continuous data collection

Programs are required to report certain information in ADS, the ACGME online accreditation data collection system.  This information should be kept up to date throughout the year, but there are two times in particular when programs must ensure their records are current:

Tips and information for collecting data for ADS:

Resident/Fellow eligibility resources

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