GME Policy: Worker’s Compensation Benefit

Policy Statement

University of Minnesota Policy Reporting Workers Compensation Related Injuries


View detailed information about management of needle sticks, blood borne pathogen exposure (BBPE), and tuberculosis exposure here: Occupational exposures and worker’s compensation claims

Review this policy for information on all other medical resident or fellow worker’s compensation injuries.

The University is committed to providing medical residents and fellows with comprehensive medical care for on-the-job injuries. When a resident or fellow is injured during training, they must take immediate steps to report the injury to the University.

Complete an Online First Report of Injury (e-FROI):

You are REQUIRED by the Department of Labor and Industry to submit an e-FROI  within 8 business hours (1 workday).  It is also necessary for a worker’s compensation (WC) claim to be filed so that the bills  incurred as a result of the injury are paid.

  1. Access the online e-FROI via the UMN Risk Management Office.  You are required to complete the ONLINE version.
  2. Campus Selection: Choose "Twin Cities All Other" in the drop-down for the campus in the e-FROI.
  3. Supervisor: List “cillig” in the x.500 field; and then click “Update Supervisor.” Listing Christy Illig (UMN GME HR & Data Management Associate) as the supervisor will ensure the GME office is notified of the first report of injury and can forward to the necessary individuals in your department.
    1. IF the e-FROI will not accept the supervisor you provide, use your own x.500 in this field; and then click “Update Supervisor.”  Forward the e-mail you receive as confirmation of your submitted e-FROI.
  4. You will hear from an adjuster at Sedgwick Claims Management (SCM) within 3 business days of submission of the completed e-FROI. If you do not hear from SCM within 3 business days, contact the Office of Risk Management (ORM) at to make sure that your e-FROI was received from Sedgwick.
  5. If you receive a bill as a result of the injury, please retain the bill and fax it to Sedgwick Claims Management at 952-826-3785.

Additional Resources

Subject Contact Phone Email
Policy Christy Illig 612-626-0631



9/26/2017: Policy reviewed by GMEC with no changes.