GME Policy: Witness or Jury Duty Leave

  • Origination Date: January 2003
  • Last Review Date: February 2011
  • Next Review Date: January 2018
  • ACGME Institutional Requirement #: IV.A.3.a), IV.B.2.i), IV.G.1.
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Policy Statement

Witness Duty

Upon request to the program director, leave is provided to residents/fellows (trainees) who are subpoenaed to testify before a court or legislative committee concerning the University or the federal or state government.

Jury Duty

Upon request to the program director, leave is provided to trainees who are called to serve on a jury.  Trainees do not lose pay when serving on a jury or testifying as described above.  The training program and the trainee may write a letter to the court asking that the appointment for jury duty be deferred based on hardship to the trainee and the program.  The decision for deferment is made by the court.


Program Responsibility

Programs are responsible for tracking time off for all leaves to insure that specialty board requirements are met prior to graduation from the program.

Programs must work with their trainees to report all leaves in the Residency Management Suite (RMS) according to instructions received by MMCGME Services.  Programs must also forward documentation to MMCGME Services for leaves that extend the trainee’s time in the program.

Please see your Program Manual for specific departmental policies and procedures.

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