GME Policy: Without Salary Appointment

Policy Statement

All residents/fellows (trainees) must be paid a stipend set at the amount provided to other trainees in the same program at the same level of training.  This requirement applies regardless of a trainee’s willingness to be self-funded or otherwise participate in the training program without compensation.

The compensation provided to a trainee must be payrolled through the University of Minnesota even when the funding source for the stipend is external.  This is a list of the allowable exceptions to this requirement:

  1. Family Medicine residents in the Methodist Program may be payrolled through Methodist Hospital.
  2. Family Medicine residents in the St. Cloud Program may be payrolled through Centracare.
  3. Family Medicine residents in the Duluth Program may be payrolled through Essentia Health.
  4. Fellows in the Forensic Psychiatry Program may be payrolled through the State of Minnesota.
  5. University of Minnesota residents/fellows who are funded by an agency of the United States Government (for example, the U.S. Military) may be payrolled through the Federal Government.
  6. Trainees in UMN non-accredited fellowship programs may be appointed as a paid instructor (UMP physician) and as a without salary medical fellow.
  7. Visiting residents/fellows who continue to be paid by their own sponsoring institutions may participate in specified rotations or training experiences at the University of Minnesota without compensation from the University of Minnesota.

Reason for Policy

To define when a resident/fellow (trainee) can hold a without salary appointment.

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April 25, 2017: Addition of Forensic Psychiatry program to list of allowable exceptions.

December 2003: Approved by the Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC).