GME Policy: Verification of Training and Summary for Credentialing

  • Origination Date: November 01, 2007
  • Last Review Date: October 25, 2016
  • Next Review Date: October 2019
  • ACGME Common Program Requirement #: II.A.4.i., III.C.1.,V.A.3.
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Policy Statement

Each GME program is required to complete the ACGME approved Verification of Training Form (using the Verification of Training Form Guide to assist them) when a resident/fellow (herein referred to as trainee) completes or leaves their current training program.  This form must be completed by the program director, after a thorough review of the trainee file, within 8 weeks of completion or departure from the program.  

A trainee’s final  evaluations prior to graduation should be the primary source of information when completing the form.  If the program director is not able to review the file, the department chair or their designee conducts the file review and completes the form.

In order to ensure that GME Administration has access to trainee  verification data, the form must be uploaded to their personnel record in the Residency Management Suite (RMS) (Personnel Record>Files & Notes>Training Verification Folder).  The completed form provides documentation required to comply with the ACGME’s Common Program Requirements on Summative Competency-Based Performance Evaluations.

Reason for Policy

This policy outlines the requirement that all UMMS GME programs (herein referred to as programs) use the Verification of Training Form (herein referred to as form) and Cover Letter.

The form and cover letter provide a uniform process for documenting requirements and also serve as the Summative Competency-Based Performance Evaluation. This information is used to respond to requests for information from entities where the trainee  has given signed authorization of release.


Within 8 weeks of completion or termination of training, the program director, or designee as stated above, conducts a thorough review of the resident/fellow file and completes the form (if authorized by the program director, their electronic signature can be used).  The program uses the Verification of Training Form Guide to assist them. Other information may be used in the process as determined by the program.  

 The completed form must be uploaded  to the trainee’s  personnel record in RMS (Personnel Record>Files & Notes>Training Verification Folder).  

Upon receipt of a verification of training  request from an entity (such as a credentialing agency) the program reviews the authorization of release of information.  The program ensures that the information provided in the form is covered in the release.

The program completes the cover letter, which is  printed on department letterhead, attaches the completed form, and sends the documentation to the entity along with necessary data on clinical procedures performed by the trainee.

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