GME Policy: Vacation and Sick Leave

  • Origination Date: February 2008
  • Last Review Date: February 2011
  • Next Review Date: January 2018
  • ACGME Institutional Requirement #: IV.A.3.a), IV.B.2.i), IV.G.1.
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Policy Statement

Programs are responsible for defining the vacation and sick leave allocation for their training program.  The vacation and sick leave allocation may be defined separately with a specific number of days for vacation and a specific number of days for sick; or they may be pooled together using Paid Time Off (PTO).

Residents/Fellows (trainees) are not paid out for their vacation, sick or PTO balance when they graduate and/or terminate from the program.


Program Responsibility

The program is responsible for defining and communicating (in the program manual) the following items, including but not limited to:

  • The vacation leave and sick leave allocation, or the PTO allocation.
  • The process for requesting time off.
  • How much, if any, of the allocation can carry-forward into the next year.

Programs are responsible for tracking time off for all leaves to insure that specialty board requirements are met prior to graduation from the program.

Programs must work with their trainees to report all leaves in the Residency Management Suite (RMS) according to instructions received by MMCGME Services.  Programs must also forward documentation to MMCGME Services for leaves that extend the trainee’s time in the program.

Please see your Program Manual for specific departmental policies and procedures

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