GME Policy: Resident/Fellow File Contents and Document Retention

Policy Statement

All University of Minnesota Graduate Medical Education programs are required to maintain a program file for each resident/fellow (trainees) that includes the required documents outlined in the Document Retention Grid. The documents that are required to be in a trainee’s file are outlined in the guide, as well as retention timeframes. Document types marked in bold are required to be in the file for an ACGME Site Visit. 

These files must be kept in a secure location and can be either paper or electronic. Access to the file must be limited to the program director, coordinator, trainee and DIO’s Office. Others may be allowed access with written permission from the trainee for credentialing or accreditation purposes. Programs should review trainee files at least twice a year for completeness.

Files must also be reviewed well in advance of an ACGME site visit to ensure they are up to date. Please note that ACGME site visitors may require additional materials be in the trainee file. It is highly recommended that you communicate with your site visitor to ensure you have the documents in the trainee file that they require.

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