GME Policy: Orientation

Policy Statement

All incoming residents and fellows, starting in both ACGME-accredited and non-accredited programs, are required to attend a GME orientation session. This requirement includes those trainees moving from one University of Minnesota program to another.

Reason for Policy

Central orientation provides valuable information about GME at the University of Minnesota, promotes interaction with important resources, welcomes trainees to the sponsoring institution, and provides them an opportunity to network across programs.


Updated orientation requirements and procedures are communicated via email and on the Incoming Residents & Fellows Orientation page on the GME website.


Programs are expected to support and encourage their trainees’ attendance at institutional GME orientation, and to facilitate attendance through their management of the trainees’ schedules.

The GME office will communicate with program coordinators to finalize which orientation date each trainee will attend, and will communicate directly with trainees regarding orientation and onboarding requirements.

Additional Resources

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Effective: 11/24/2015 - Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) approved policy.