GME Policy: International Medical Graduates

  • Origination Date: September 2003
  • Last Review Date: February 2015
  • Next Review Date: February 2018
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Policy Statement

All International Medical Graduates (IMGs) must meet all criteria found in the Eligibility and Selection of Resident/Fellow Policy to qualify for a residency/fellowship at the University of Minnesota.


All IMGs, including American citizens who are IMGs, must provide a current, valid copy of the ECFMG certificate or other appropriate documentation to MMCGME Services as required audit documentation. MMCGME Services will enter IMG resident/fellow information into the Residency Management Suite (RMS), our current system for tracking Medicare-reimbursable information.

Copies of required documentation should be sent to MMCGME Services.  See for contact information.

Inform residents whose ECFMG certificate was issued prior to June 14, 2004 of the importance of getting their "Valid Indefinitely" sticker as soon as possible. They should go to the ECFMG forms library at the website for the current application. 

If a copy of the ECFMG certificate is not available, please contact the ECFMG Training Program Liaison to request Certification Verification via the ECFMG website.



Must ensure that all required documentation for all IMGs is distributed to the appropriate office for tracking.

Additional Resources

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Policy Christy Illig 612-626-0631


Related Information

All IMGs must be in a residency/fellowship program for two years before they are eligible for licensure in Minnesota.  See: MBMP Licensing Process