GME Policy: Effective Dates for Stipends and Benefits

  • Origination Date: 2008
  • Last Review Date: 2008
  • Next Review Date: May 2018
  • ACGME Institutional Requirement #: IV.F.1., IV.F.2.
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Policy Statement

The first recognized day in their program is hereby defined as the first mandatory day the resident/fellow is required to report to their GME training program.  This is typically the first day of orientation or the first day of their rotation whichever comes first.

Trainees must be paid at the appropriate stipend rate as set forth by the Stipend Level Policy and receive their benefits, defined as health, dental, life and disability insurance, upon the first recognized day of employment in their respective program.

Reason for Policy

To insure that trainees receive their stipend and benefits effective upon the first day in their program per the ACGME institutional requirements.

Additional Resources

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