GME Policy: Effect of Leave of Absence on Satisfying Completion of Program

  • Origination Date: April 2007
  • Last Review Date: January 2009
  • Next Review Date: January 2018
  • ACGME Institutional Requirement #: IV.B.2.j), IV.G.2.
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Policy Statement

University of Minnesota Graduate Medical Education leave policies are in compliance with and governed by the regulations of the various specialty boards and accrediting organizations. 

American Board requirements should be reviewed by theprogram director and resident or fellow to assure that the trainee is familiar with the possibility of having to make up time awayfrom training. If extended leave results in the requirement for additional trainingin order to satisfy American Board requirements, financial support for theadditional training time must be determined when arrangements are made for theleave and the makeup activity.


Program Responsibility

It is the responsibility of the department, program, and resident or fellowto be in compliance with the Program Requirements concerning the effect ofleaves of absence on satisfying the criteria for completion of the training program,and guaranteeing eligibility for certification by the relevant certifying Board prior to granting leave.

Programs must follow the Leave of Absence procedure to report all trainee leaves that may impact the RMS training record, payroll, and/or benefits.

Please see your Program Manual for specific departmental policies and procedures.

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