GME Policy: ECFMG/J-1 Visa Holders: Required FMLA Documents

Policy Statement

Residents and fellows (trainees) who are sponsored by the Education Commission on Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) as a J-1 visa holder must extend their DS-2019 prior to returning to work after Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA).  It is the expectation of GME Administration that the program will notify the ECFMG Training Program Liaison (TPL) as soon as a trainee begins FMLA to begin the paperwork associated with this extension.  Failure to communicate a J-1 visa holder’s FMLA to ECFMG can result in premature expiration of the trainee’s DS-2019 and major disruptions to training time.


Program Responsibility

In addition to adhering to the Family Medical Leave policy and procedure outlined in the Institution policy manual, the following documents must be submitted to the TPL for approval of an extension to a trainee’s J-1 visa for the current academic year due to FMLA:

  1. written, signed confirmation from the program director (on letterhead) stating that the J-1 will hold/held health insurance while on leave and will not/did not train outside current approved training program*;
  2. written confirmation from the J-1 that they will hold/held health insurance and will not/did not train outside their current approved training program during the time of leave*;
  3. letter from the program director (on letterhead) outlining the exact dates used for FMLA and break down of the allotment of time (vacation, sick leave, paid leave of absence, unpaid leave of absence)*;
  4. sign-off from HR approving the time for the FMLA; if HR is not in charge of the FMLA requests, then the GME office must inform ECFMG of the requirements for the leave request;
    1. NOTE: this may be a departmental form
  5. revised contract with the new projected exact end date of the training program for the academic year in question.

*Please contact TPL for examples of items 1, 2, and 3 shown above.

Additional Resources

Subject Contact Phone Email
Visas Christy Illig & Rachel Whitcomb, TPLs 612-626-0631
Policy Christy Illig 612-626-0631


Related Information

ECFMG reserves the right to deny extension to the trainee’s DS-2019 for any leave of absence that does not qualify as FMLA.