GME Policy: Disability Accommodations

  • Origination Date: November 2004
  • Last Review Date: February 2011
  • Next Review Date: March 2018
  • ACGME Institutional Requirement #: IV.H.4.
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Policy Statement

The Graduate Medical Education (GME) training programs provide reasonable accommodations to residents/fellows who have a documented disability (physical,learning, psychiatric, vision, hearing, or systemic) that may affect their ability to participate in training activities or meet program requirements.To be eligible for reasonable accommodations, residents/fellows must work with Disability Services. Disability Services is the University of Minnesota office that has responsibility to review disability documentation and recommend reasonable accommodations for employees and students with disabilities, including residents/fellows participating in a GME training program.

Disability Services assists residents/fellows in securing documentation of disability conditions, determines whether a trainee is covered under disability laws, and if so, works with the resident/fellow and the training program to fashion reasonable accommodations for the individual. Disability Services also provides information, referral and consultation. The Disability Services office is located in the McNamara Alumni Center,Suite 170, (612) 626-1333 (voice or TTY), email:

In order to successfully complete a residency or fellowship program, all residents/fellows must meet the essential requirements of their training program; residents/fellows with disabilities must be able to meet the essential requirements, with or without reasonable accommodations.

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