GME Policy: Applicant Privacy & Record Retention

Policy Statement

Programs must limit the distribution of sensitive applicant data to those faculty and/or staff who are involved in the pre and post recruitment activities.  

Any printed materials with sensitive data must not be left in the open and must be filed in a locked cabinet when not in use.  Sensitive data saved on a computer must be in a secure folder.

The GME Document Retention Policy applies to those applicants accepted into a University of Minnesota program.  

For those applicants not accepted into a University of Minnesota program, please follow University of Minnesota document retention recommendations which states “retain 1 year after term for which application processed provided no litigation is pending.”

Reason for Policy

To outline precautionary measures programs must take to protect applicant’s personal information pre and post recruitment season.

Additional Resources

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Policy Christy Illig 612-626-0631



Effective: July 2008.