Graduate Medical Education Committee

The Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC) exists to provide administrative oversight to graduate medical education programs at the University of Minnesota. This includes maintenance of individual program accreditation and assuring adequate institutional support.

Our GMEC voting membership includes a representative sample of program directors (from residency and fellowship programs, and from across sizes and specialties of program), GMEC Resident Leadership Council members, an education manager, a program coordinator, representatives from affiliated training sites, and select positions across the UMN Medical School.  Refer to the GMEC charter for a full list of membership.  Given the nature of work conducted by the group it is important that voting members (or their designee) attend on a regular basis.  All interested individuals are also welcome to attend.

Meeting information

GMEC meeting calendar and submission deadlines.

The GMEC meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of each month. The meeting takes place from 3:30-5:30 PM in B-646 Mayo.

Deadline for submission of agenda items

Agenda topics and their supporting documentation must be received by 4:30 PM on the 3rd Tuesday of each month.  Topics and supporting documentation received after the deadline are held until the next GMEC meeting.  You must plan accordingly. 

Where do I send topics/documentation?

Send agenda topics and supporting documents to

Meeting agenda and attachments available in Google Drive

GMEC meeting agendas and attachments are available to GMEC members via Google Drive. The agenda and attachments are finalized one week prior to the meeting.  Paper meeting packets are not distributed at the meetings

To obtain a copy of any meeting agendas and attachments prior to AY 2014-2015, please contact

Communication to members and guests

The GMEC agenda will be emailed by 4:30 PM on the Friday prior to each month's GMEC meeting.  Please familiarize yourself with the agenda and supporting documentation in advance so that we may have a more productive meeting.


Regular attendance at this meeting is critical to our accreditation status and vital to our mission.  Voting members who are unable to attend a meeting are asked to designate someone to attend in their absence.  Members are expected to disseminate the GMEC materials to appropriate staff and faculty within their department in a timely manner.

Meeting minutes

Meeting minutes are distributed via email the week following each GMEC meeting, and placed on the next month's agenda for review, discussion, and approval.