Promotion & Tenure

UPDATE FOR 2017-18: Faculty members who are going up for promotion consideration on a non-tenure seeking track for the 2017-2018 academic year may choose to be reviewed under the clinical scholar, research, or teaching tracks, or the new academic track.

Medical School faculty requesting promotion to associate professor or professor across all Medical School tracks must submit a dossier which will be voted on at the departmental, collegiate, and University levels.

Dossiers must be submitted electronically as a single PDF document with bookmarks.

The deadline to submit dossiers to the Office of Faculty Affairs for the 2017-18 academic year is September 15, 2017. Please note: Dossiers that do not meet all of the requirements will be returned to the departments for amendments. The timeline for corrections is short!

If you have additional questions on this process, please contact us at 612-624-5442 or

Dossier Forms and Resources

Dossier Forms and Resources

The following forms and templates are available to assist faculty and staff in preparing dossiers for promotion and tenure in the Medical School.

Medical School Curriculum Vitae
Medical School CV template (updated 6/20/17)
Medical School Dossier Forms and Templates
Dossier Cover Sheet - required for probationary faculty
Medical School Dossier External Review and Evaluation Resources
Promotion to Professor with Award of Tenure - sample letter for solicitation
Promotion to Professor, non-tenure tracks - sample letter for solicitation
Medical School Dossier Resources
Abbreviated Dossier Template (updated 3/31/17) - used only for advanced rank hires, new postings for tenured hires, spousal hires, and exceptional no search hires
Policies, Forms and Other Information
Appointment of Non-Departmental Voting Members (updated 4/10/17) - sample letter template for request to appoint non-departmental voting members

Medical School 7.12 and Departmental Statements