The steering committee is charged by the Dean’s office of the Medical School at the request of the University President to develop a strategic plan for the Medical School. The committee is expected to review present plans; obtain broad input from faculty, staff, and learners across the Medical School, AHC, University and community; and develop a vision for 2025 with objective goals, potential implementation strategies and timelines. The strategic plan must identify areas of likely success for strategic investment and areas where we will no longer commit our efforts. It must assess our current trajectories in research, clinical care, and education, and reposition the Medical School as necessary to accelerate future success.


A strategic plan that includes:

  • Mission (Our core purpose)
  • Vision 2025 (Who we want to be in the future)
  • Our Key Difference (What makes us unique or different)
  • Key Areas of Focus (What will be our core areas of focus)
  • Strategic Goals/ Strategies
  • Potential areas to reduce investment and effort


June 30, 2013

Authority of the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is advisory to the Dean and the Medical School.

Expectations of the Members

  • Approach the work as a leader representing the entire Medical School, rather than representing your Department, research area, or geographic location.
  • Be prepared for each meeting by completing any pre-readings and assigned advance work.
  • Conversations are considered confidential and are not to be shared with the broader faculty, University community and broader Twin Cities/ Minnesota community.
  • All communication regarding our progress and any key messages will be managed and delivered through the Dean’s office.
  • Be respectful of the process and allow all colleagues to express their opinions. Share your own opinions in a respectful manner.