Chair Message

A Message from the Chair

The review of the Academic Health Center indicated the need for a Medical School strategic plan. Dean Aaron Friedman has asked me to lead this process and to organize a Medical School Strategic Plan Steering Committee. We all know that strategic planning efforts have been carried out over the years, and changes have not always been obvious. I think that this effort is going to be different as it is being requested by the President’s office and has the support of our Medical School leadership.

This is a critical time for the Medical School, and developing a faculty-led, forward-looking plan provides a big opportunity. We have organized a process that will incorporate a broad spectrum of opinions. This is a moment when we can redefine what we stand for, what our core values should be, and the direction that we should take to move forward together.

One goal for this effort is transparency, the reason for this web site. Regular updates about the strategic planning process will be posted. More importantly, the web site will be an avenue for you to play a role in helping us along the way. This effort needs to extend beyond the committee members; we want each of you to be engaged with this work, to make sure the end result will resonate broadly.

My career has been with the University of Minnesota Medical School, and I believe in this school, in our faculty, and in our ability to attract the best and brightest students and faculty. We have a great opportunity to define our strengths and enhance our future through this process. The potential to bring research and clinical care closer together to the benefit of patients and families is an exciting part of this future. We look forward to bringing new energy to our Medical School community, and reminding ourselves of what unites us and drives us to make a difference every day.

I look forward to leading this effort in the coming months, and helping set a course for the Medical School that will lead to a strong future.

Richard King, MD, PhD
Chair, Strategic Planning Committee

Richard King, MD, PhD

Richard King, MD, PhD

Dr. King graduated from Pennsylvania State University and Jefferson Medical College. He completed his medical training at the University of Minnesota, Department of Medicine. Following two years at the Atomic Bomb Casualty Commission in Hiroshima, he returned to the University of Minnesota and obtained his Ph.D. in genetics. Dr. King has been a faculty member of the Department of Medicine since 1975, where he is a professor, and has an active career in research, medical and graduate student education, and clinical genetics. He currently serves as the director of faculty development for the Department of Medicine and director of research development for faculty in the Medical School, with a focus career development, academic planning, and grant writing for junior faculty. He sees patients in the UMMC Family Cancer Clinic.