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Requisitions - Creating and Managing:Requisitions can only be changed by the preparer when they are in open, pending, or approved status.  After editing a requisition, the requisition starts the approval and budget-check processes again.  Once a requisition has been sourced to a PO, the requisition can no longer be changed by the preparer.  Changes to POs must then be handled by the procurement specialist.  In addition, once a PO has reached “complete” status it can no longer be changed or canceled by any financial user.

WebNow Financial Document Viewing Guide (ImageNow 6.2)If you are a financial user and have EFS access to FSUMPRD you are automatically granted access to view documents in WebNow.  If you need a password contact Data Security at 612-626-8868.  If you don't have EFS access you will need to submit your ARF (Access Request Form) to the Cluster Director and you will be notified by Data Security.  ***NOTE*** You should not have any issues with WebNow between a PC or Mac (if you do be sure you are going to WebNow and not trying to install/use Imagenow which is for scanning; otherwise you may have a more significant technical problem and should consult AHC-IS support at 612-626-5100)