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BUSINESS MILEAGE is the travel an employee incurs beyond normal commute mileage (from home to the office and home again) on a normal workday.  Employees may request reimbursement for any business mileage incurred.

Effective January 1, 2017, the mileage allowance for personal vehicle use on approved University business decreased from 54¢ to 53.5¢ per mile. The standard rate for moving expenses is 17¢ per mile as non-taxable and the remaining 36.5¢ per mile as taxable.

Business mileage incurred in 2016 but reimbursed in 2017 should be reimbursed using the 2016 mileage rates.

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Medical School finance team

Pete Mitsch
Chief Financial Officer

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Director of Accounting

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Financial Analyst 2

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Finance Professional 3 Supervisor

Jerian Lind
Finance Professional 3

Jessie Barrett Amodeo
Executive Accounts Specialist

Alison Vail
Executive Accounts Specialist

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