Research Support Services

Submitting a Research Proposal?

Complete the proposal intent form 8 weeks before the proposal deadline. Maximum capacity may be reached before the 8 week window, so submit your intent form early. Pre-award staff will then contact you to discuss the proposal preparation process.

Submit Proposal Intent Form

If you decide to cancel/postpone your submission, a new intent form will need to be completed with any updated information and the revised proposal deadline date.

Want a second chance at getting your grant funded? Check out OnPAR, a public-private program that gives researchers a second chance if their highly ranked grant applications to the NIH do not receive an award. 

External Databases for Funding Opportunities

Our Support Services

Our Support Services

  • Proposal support. Complete this short online form 8 weeks before the proposal deadline to ensure that we will be able to help with your proposal.
  • Work with faculty/staff to search for and identify funding opportunities.
  • Train faculty/staff on pre-award processes including the University's Electronic Grants Management System (EGMS) and agency-specific electronic systems.
  • Provide resources to aid in the preparation of proposals.
  • Communicate U of M and agency policy/procedure changes and assure that researchers are in compliance with U of M and federal research policies.
  • Assist with planning and preparation of complex projects such as proposals for training grants, center grants, program project grants, etc.
  • Contact funding agency to clarify eligibility, policy, requirements, etc.
  • Act as liaison to other departments on multi-department proposals.
  • Maintain and provide data on departmental/divisional proposals and awards.

Staff, Pediatrics Research Support Services

Staff, Pediatrics Research Support Services

Lori A. Wallin
12-102 Moos Tower
Phone: 612-625-1479 

Elizabeth Hedin
13-212 PWB
Phone: 612-624-7593

Sandra Robles
Grants Coordinator
Hematology, Oncology and BMT
460 CCRB
Phone: 612-624-8644

Katie Tabaka
13-208 PWB
Phone: 612-625-4117

Stacy Valenzuela
13-112 PWB
Phone: 612-624-0496

Meghan Wien
13-208 PWB
Phone: 612-626-5091

Sue Marshall
13-112 Moos Tower
Phone: (612) 626-0496

Staff, OB/GYN Research Support Services

Staff, OB/GYN Research Support Services


LeAnn Pelletier
13-110 PWB
Phone: 612-624-2905