Notary Public Services

Notary services are available to members of OB/Gyn and Pediatrics departments. Please call ahead to confirm notary availability.

Susan Strate
Location: MB676, 6th Floor Riverside East Building
Phone: 612-626-2765

Deb Egger-Smith
Location: Moos 12-236
Phone: 612-626-4939

Sheena Sims
Location: Room 353-39, 717 Delaware Building
Phone: 612-301-1711 

Aandra Erikson
Location: Mayo A547
Phone: 612-626-5358

Ellen Jeffery
Location: MB645, 6th Floor Riverside East Building
Phone: 612-626-2958

Trisha Pederson
Location: Riverside Professional Building, Suite 402
Phone: 612-301-3417

Rick Jacobson
Location: MCRB 460
Phone: 612-626-5501