Employee Groups and Governing Documents

Employee Groups and Governing Documents

There are 6 employee groups on the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus.

Note: Fellowships and training grant stipends are viewed as awards. Because no service to the University is required, stipend recipients are NOT considered employees.

1. Academic

This includes Faculty and Academic Professional and Administrative (aka P&A) staff

  • Faculty
    Regular faculty (tenured and tenure-track) engaged in teaching, research, and service.
    Examples: Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor
    Contract faculty engaged in teaching or research for a specified period of time.
    Examples: Lecturer, Assistant Professor
    Governing Documents: Board of Regents and University policies and procedures

  • Academic Professional and Administrative
    The academic professional and administrative (P&A) employee group includes the following sub-groups of employees:
  • Academic Professionals. Academic professionals parallel faculty in having essential preparation and specialized knowledge in an academic discipline or field and in exercising independent professional judgment. These individuals may be engaged in teaching, research, service, and a wide variety of other professional functions within the University.
    Examples: Instructor, Researchers 5-7, Administrative Manager
  • Academic Administrators. Academic administrators are involved in policy development and execution, and in directing, coordinating, or supervising activities of the University.
    Examples: Dean, Director, Department Head
  • Professionals-in-Training. Professionals-in-training are involved in teaching and research. They hold internships, residencies, or are otherwise involved in further training in a disciplinary field.
    Examples: Postdoctoral Associate, Medical Fellow, Medical Resident, Professional Program Assistant

      Governing Documents: Board of Regents’ and University policies and procedures

            Postdoctoral Affairs: https://policy.umn.edu/hr/postdocappoint

            Academic Professional: http://policy.umn.edu/hr/appointpa

            Recruitment and Selection: http://policy.umn.edu/hr/recruitfacpa

2. Civil Service

Civil service employees perform work that supports academic and administrative functions.  The work includes business operations, information technology, student services, service/maintenance, purchasing and accounting.

Examples: Researchers 1-4, Financial Professional 1,

Governing Documents:

            Board of Regents’ and University policies and procedures

            Civil Service Employment Rules (link to PDF on http://humanresources.umn.edu/union-relations/contracts)

3. Labor-Represented

The University recognizes those groups of staff employees that have exclusive representation under law and are statutorily governed.  In our center, these groups include AFSCME Clerical, AFSCME Technical, and Teamsters.

Examples: Laboratory Attendant, Senior Laboratory Attendant, Laboratory Animal Attendant, Executive Office and Administrative Specialist, Principal Accounts Specialist

Governing Documents:

            Board of Regents’ and University policies and procedures

            Collective bargaining agreements between the Board and the designated union:

            Go to http://humanresources.umn.edu/union-relations/contracts

4. Graduate Assistant

Graduate assistants are student employees registered in a graduate or post-baccalaureate professional degree program at the University and employed in a position covered under this employee group. Graduate assistants may be engaged in teaching, research, or administrative functions of the University under the direct supervision of faculty, academic professionals, or administrators.

Examples: Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant

Governing Documents:

            Board of Regents’ and University policies and procedures

            Graduate Assistant policies: http://humanresources.umn.edu/find-job/graduate-assistant-jobs

5. Undergraduate Student

Undergraduate student employees are those individuals registered for classes who hold employment in non-academic student positions and undergraduate teaching and research assistant positions.

Governing Documents:

            Board of Regents’ policies and University policies and procedures

            Student Employment policies:

6. Temporary/Casual

Temporary or Casual non-academic appointments that are either (1) short-term, 67 workdays or less (temporary) or (2) characterized by schedules that are variable, intermittent, on-call and consistently 14 hours a week or less (casual).

These positions may be given to current employees, students from other institutions or applicants from outside the University. These appointments MAY NOT be given to non-student employees and graduate students working in union-represented positions as these individuals must be appointed in the appropriate bargaining unit classification (job code) and are required to pay union dues or fair share fees.