Financial Resources

MNPI accounting imageThe Financial Management Team supports faculty, researchers, staff and students in acquiring goods and services efficiently and secures the financial integrity of the Department. Operationally, this team developes the annual budget and recharge rates, accounts for spending, implements accounting controls, coordinates billings and purchases, processes payments and reimbursements, documents transactions, and authorizes financial systems access. It also serves as a liaison to the Medical School finance division, the Controller's Office, Accounts Payable/Receivable, and internal and external suppliers.

Quick Links:

MNPI Center Travel Authorization
Employee Expense Worksheet 
PCard Expense Coversheet
Price and Justification Form for Goods and Professional Services

Alcohol Order Request

Boynton Departmental Order Request
Campus Club Rental Supplement
Employee Expense Worksheet
Exception to the Regent’s Bid Policy (for orders over $49,999.99)
FedEx Shipment Request
Hospitality Justification
PCard Expense Coversheet
Professional Services Information Sheet (for Professional Services over $2,999.99)
Statement in Lieu of Receipt
Statement of Work (for all Professional Services)

U-Wide Policy

MNPI Policy


Domestic Per Diem 
Foreign Per Diem 
International Travel Registration (required for all international travel) 
MNPI Center Travel Authorization 
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Price and Justification Form for Goods and Professional Services between $10,000 and $49,999.99