Booth and Exhibiting

Please note: The following information is intended for faculty, staff, residents, fellows, and others who work for the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health.

Conference attendance

About 5,000 people attend the conference with over 1,000 being medical students.

About our booth

Location: 1600-1609
See the exhibit hall map

Set-up and preparation meeting

Set-up and preparation meeting

Date: Thursday, August 2

Booth assembly/set-up time: 10:30 am

Preparation meeting time: 11 am

At least one representative from your program is required to be at the preparation meeting at our booth location. We will distribute giveaways for your table and go over booth/conference logistics.

Space and display

Space and display

Each program has a 10' x 10' space, and it comes with the following:

  • Gray carpet
  • One 8' x 30" draped table
  • Two side chairs
  • 8' back drape

Each program has a table top display to use, which is brought to the conference by department personnel. The communications team will send an e-mail to program directors and administrators in early May with instructions, deadlines, etc. on how to update the display.



Department giveaways

  • Department brochures
  • Writing pens
  • Additional item TBD

Ask Laura Pham or Karen Borchert, MD, for more items if you run low during the conference.

Program giveaways

Make sure your program-specific giveaways meet conference guidelines. You may also have a grand prize drawing/raffle for your visitors.



Laura Pham will order and provide shirts for all program representatives. Contact her with your shirt size by July 3. Pick up your shirt on the coach or at the booth.

  • Wear khakis with your shirt
  • Do not wear shorts or skirts above the knees
  • Wear comfortable shoes

Recruiting at the booth

Using marketing materials produced outside of family medicine communications

Marketing materials (brochures, postcards, signage, flyers, etc.) not produced by the communications team that contain the name, image, or brand of the University and/or our department must be reviewed and approved before they can be distributed or displayed at events.

Please note: Directional signage for events do not need to be approved by department communications.

Submit materials to Andrea Uptmor,, for review. Please allow at least five business days after submission to receive feedback.