Please note: The following information is intended for faculty, staff, residents, fellows, and others who work for the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health.

Department staff

  • Laura Pham, Residency Programs Admissions and Recruitment Coordinator
  • Karen Borchert, MD, University of Minnesota Medical Center faculty and Family Medicine Interest Group advisor
  • Andrea Uptmor, Senior Communications Specialist
  • Heidi Cerdas Monge, Curriculum Coordinator

Residency programs

  • Jamie Conniff, MD, faculty
  • Becky Davies, MD, third-year resident
  • James Erickson, DO, second-year resident
  • Alison Liewen, MD, second-year resident
  • Jordan Schild, MD, second-year resident
  • Keith Stelter, MD, MMM, faculty
  • Amy Bonifas, MD, faculty
  • Emma Erikson, MD, second-year resident
  • Ashley Estrem, DO, third-year resident
  • Chris Leonard, MD, third-year resident
  • Jeremy Springer, MD, faculty
North Memorial
  • Renée Crichlow, MD, associate program director
  • Nat Fondell, MD, third-year resident
  • Alex Gits, MD, third-year resident 
  • Ebi Okah, MD, second-year resident 
  • Andrea Westby, MD, faculty 
St. Cloud
  • Leesa Larson, MD, third-year resident
  • Kevin Switzer, MD, faculty
  • Sujitha Yadlapati, MBBS, third-year resident
St. John's
  • Kate Brown, MD, MS, faculty
  • Lorelii Lewis, MD, third-year resident
  • Justin Meyers, MD, second-year resident
  • Haley Stewart, DO, second-year resident
St. Joseph's
  • Abby Elliott, MD, third-year resident
  • Katie Hinderaker, MD, third-year resident
  • Manuel Idrogo, MD, faculty
UMN Medical Center
  • Julie Amaon, MD, second-year resident
  • Kelsey Finn, DO, second-year resident
  • Carrie Link, MD, faculty
  • Justin Penny, DO, second-year resident
  • Sharon Toor, MD, third-year resident