Finance Job Aids in Family Medicine

Please note: The following information is intended for faculty, staff, residents, fellows, and others who work for the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health.

Job Aids

The following documents provide instructions regarding which forms to use, employee expense reimbursement, and travel reimbursement.

Finance Flash presentations

Finance Flash presentations allow you to review finance topics in five minutes or less.

Topics include policies and procedures related to expense reimbursements, procurement card (PCard) purchases, and purchasing payments.

  • Receipts
    Learn the type of receipts accepted and see examples of proof of payment when submitting expense reimbursements
  • Justifications
    Justifications are required for all financial transactions and the 5Ws need to be answered: what, where, when, who, why
  • Lodging Per Diem
    Learn about allowable lodging rates and documentation required for lodging
  • Meal Per Diem
    Learn how travel meals are reimbursed, how to find meal per diem rates, and the necessary documentation for reimbursement