Faculty Promotion and Tenure

Please note: The following information is intended for faculty, staff, residents, fellows, and others who work for the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health.

The goal of the Department of Family Medicine and Community Health and the Medical School is to have all faculty on one of three academic tracks: tenure, clinical scholar, and teaching.

Promotion and tenure committee

The Family Medicine and Community Health Promotion and Tenure Committee meets biannually (in February and July) to review faculty research or scholarly activity and provide guidance to those seeking promotion on an academic track.


Jim Pacala, MD, MS


Sharon Allen, MD, PhD
Macaran Baird, MD, MS
Eli Coleman, PhD
Barbara Elliott, PhD, MDiv
Michael Miner, PhD 
Kevin A. Peterson, MD, MPH (alternate)


Ruth Westra, DO, MPH (alternate)

Clinical scholar

Diane Madlon-Kay, MD, MS
David Power, MD, MPH (alternate)
Bill Roberts, MD, MS
Mark Yeazel, MD, MPH