Space & Facilities Management

Project Manager

Michelle Lopez
(612) 301-2142

Mailing Address
Infectious Disease Ofc Med
MMC 250 Mayo
8250A (Campus Delivery Code)
420 Delaware St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455

General Space Information

Central University U-Space System

Central University U-Space System

The central University U-Space system continues to be the platform for entering space inventory changes (please submit all inventory changes to the Department Space Coordinator Michelle Lopez). 

Department of Medicine Space Principles

Lactation Room Information

Lactation Room Information

  • General list of lactation rooms at the University of Minnesota
  • Boynton provides Nursing Mother’s Rooms at Boynton’s East Bank Clinic, Coffee Hall in St. Paul, and Anderson Hall on the West Bank.
  • In 717 Delaware, on the 2nd floor, employees are welcome to use a room in the DCRU clinic. Per Karen Johnson with CTSI, employees can go up to DCRU and ask either Brianna or Becky if there is a room available for use. If there isn't one available at that time, they will let you know when one will be available.
  • In Weaver Densford Hall, there is a room available. That room is not administered by Boynton, but by Professor Laura Duckett in the School of Nursing. Please contact Dr. Duckett for scheduling access.

Medical School Space Bank - Use & Function Codes

Medical School Space Bank - Use & Function Codes

Space Bank

Use and Function Codes

Policies and Procedures

DOM Office Space Assignment Principles (FY17)

DOM Office Space Assignment Principles (FY17)


  • Department-wide consistency regarding office assignments
  • No more than one private office on campus (touchdown/shared space elsewhere)
  • Utilization of vacant space whenever possible (unless tied to a faculty recruit with a bonafide offer letter). Otherwise the space should be reassigned to other DOM Divisions in need or released back to Med School
  • Shared, flexible space in larger offices (over 200 SF)
  • Maximum productivity and efficiency in assigned space

Proposed principles for assigning private or shared offices and cubicles / touchdown space to faculty and staff are listed below (in priority order). Within each category space could be assigned according to function (i.e, if in clinic 75% of the time, perhaps faculty can share), seniority (length of service), and rank/title (both faculty and staff). Exceptions are expected based on disparities in location, and quality / quantity of space.

  1. Full-Time Faculty (based on rank/function, i.e., T/T, administrative, clinical)
  2. Full-Time Senior Administrative Staff (management)
  3. Research (including nurses) and Admin staff (if needed for private data)
  4. Fellows and Post Docs
  5. Part-time & Emeritus (based on rank/function, i.e., T/T, administrative, clinical)
  6. Part-time Staff (any)
  7. Clinical Nurses/PAs (office space MUST be on FV/UMP Lease or subject to reassignment for academic purposes)
  8. Students
  9. Volunteers / Visitors / Guests

Revision: 6/17/2016

Keys and Building Access

Keys and Building Access

Ordering keys

To order keys, please provide the following information to your Department Facilities Representative (DFR):

For Duplicate Keys

    1. Building Name (Mayo)
    2. Office/Suite Number (379-B)
    3. Building Number (299) How to Read a Key
    4. Key Code Number (A1) How to Read a Key
    5. Number of Keys Needed (2)

For New Keys

    1. Building Name (Mayo)
    2. Office/Suite Number (379-B)
    3. Number of Keys Needed (2)

For Cabinet Keys

    1. Location of Cabinet (Mayo, 379-B)
    2. Cabinet Key Code (located on the outer portion of the key core of the cabinet) (SL228)
    3. Number of Keys Needed (2)

Key delivery usually takes 2-3 days from time of order.

UCard Access

To request UCard access, contact your Department Facilities Representative (DFR) and provide the following information:

  • First and Last Name
  • Employee ID Number
  • Email Account
  • Department Name
  • Contact/Call Back Number
  • Your UCard Number (listed under your employee ID #) 
  • Name of Building(s) and/or Office Space that you are requesting access to

Your DFR will fill out the appropriate form which is sent to Central Security. Once your card has been granted access you will receive an email confirmation.

Laboratory Close Out

Laboratory Close Out

Once a faculty member or PI decides to leave the Department and/or close out a lab, please have them perform the following:

  1. Conduct a complete inventory of the lab equipment, chemicals, etc. If applicable, ensure the Division Director approves what items will depart with the faculty member or PI and what will stay at the University. 
  2. Contact Michelle Lopez if planning to release the vacant Lab Space or Faculty/PI Office. Michelle will apply DOM Space Principles to re-assign the released space, or turn it into the Med School Space Bank.
  3. Following the University’s Capital Equipment Management Policy, either redistribute assets within the Division or Program, or e-mail Michelle Lopez with an inventory of equipment, chemicals, etc. to be redistributed to other Medicine Divisions and labs.
  4. Contact Research Building Management Services (NHH, MCB, LRB/MRTF, 717, or WMBB) or Facilities Management (other buildings) with any recycling or cleaning requirements.
  5. Following the University’s Laboratory Close Out process/checklist, contact Alexey Benyumov (Lab Safety Officer) to schedule a final lab walk through.
  6. Contact U Recycling to dispose of old equipment.
  7. Turn in keys to your DAC or Division Administrator.

Moves and Remodels

Moves and Remodels

Please contact Michelle Lopez to discuss partnering with Medical School and AHC regarding large-scale office moves or remodels. For small-scale or individual moves or remodel projects, see helpful information below:

Relocation Information

Internal Contacts

UMN Facilities Management
P: (612) 624-2900
Specialty: Painting, ceiling tiles, carpeting, wall shelving, minor repairs and furniture assembly.

UMN Signs & Graphics
Specialty: Standard and custom office identification, programmatic and other graphical signage.

UMN ReUse Program Warehouse
P: (612) 626-9152
Specialty: Disposal, recycling or purchase of used office furniture and laboratory equipment.

External Contacts

Brooks Office Interiors
E: Mike Cody
C: (651) 315-9181
O: (612) 331-6300
Specialty: Office design or re-design, used and new furniture purchases, assembly, and relocation.

Bester Brothers Transfer & Storage
O: (651) 451-1018
Specialty: Complete office moving, systems furniture moving & design, hauling items to recycling, and temporary or long-term storage.

Beltmann Relocation Group Inc.
O: (612) 235-7504
Specialty: Complete office moving, systems furniture moving & design, hauling items to recycling, and temporary or long-term storage.

General Office Products
O: (952) 925-7563
Specialty: Interior decorating services, office furniture rental, office design or re-design, new furniture purchases, assembly, and relocation.

New Space Requests and Release

New Space Requests and Release

Process for Requesting Additional Space:
Please complete an AHC Space Request Form and submit to Michelle Lopez via e-mail so she can investigate whether existing space in the Department of Medicine’s inventory will fulfill the request.

If an internal solution cannot be found, Michelle (after obtaining Chair’s approval) will forward the request to Peg Brown in the AHC Office of Space Management. Peg meets regularly with Medical School leadership to evaluate and resolve space requests.

Obtaining Building Floor Plans

Obtaining Building Floor Plans

To obtain detailed Department of Medicine floor plans, please contact Michelle Lopez.
To obtain general AHC floor plans, please contact Rich Swedberg.

Reserving Conference and Classrooms

Reserving Conference and Classrooms

Visit this page for information pertaining to Conference & Classrooms

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